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Creating More Room for Your Property

Sometimes you need a blank canvas to realize the dream of owning and using your land to its fullest potential. Allow us to make room for your vision with our weed abatement and land clearing services. 

Strategic Weed Abatement

You want to protect your property against the high fire danger that threatens homes in Western Riverside County, California. Tall and dry grass is more than just an eyesore. Blazes can spread rapidly through dead vegetation. Don't wait until it's too late to protect your land and your neighbors from infamous California wildfires. Smith Tractor Services helps you take precautions to fortify your land against disaster by creating a defensible space around your property and your neighbors property by removing extra plants and grasses that can quickly catch fire.

Preparing Your Land for Use 

Imagine being able to use land that has been overgrown with trees, thickets, and vegetation. Don't be overwhelmed by the labor needed to get rid of the growth. Our land clearing professionals will work around your schedule to quickly clear your land so you can start on your projects. Trust us with your shrubbery and tree removal needs. Aside from vegetation, non-organic material can prevent you from using your land to its fullest potential. Ask us about our debris clearing services.